a)    To undertake all necessary activities for the protection, promotion and safeguarding of the Limbu language, tradition and culture;
b)    To undertake activities to protect historical and culturally significant landmarks of the community;
c)    To provide support to museum, community radio , publishing unit and mass media units;
d)    To undertake activities to popularize, promote and enhance product of artisan, farmers and other tradition based items and help the artistes and artisans engaged in traditional activities;
e)    To protect and promote customary rights of the community;
f)    To establish a center for the protection of the Limbu heritage;
g)    To take up social welfare activities catering to the requirements of the community;
h)    To promote education among the Limbu community;
i)    To publish or cause to be published useful literature, papers, books, research works, magazines of the Limbu community etc;
j)    To work in association with all Government agencies for awareness generation regarding various programme of development and social welfare, education, literacy etc;
k)    To undertake necessary activities for natural resource management, alternative energy , ecology and environment;
l)    To construct, maintain, improve, develop, any building, houses or other infrastructure and purchase land and other movable and immovable assets for the benefit of the community;
m)    To promote Limbu medicinal practices;
n)    To take up livelihood development of the community ;
o)    To undertake and provide legal assistance to protect assets of the community members;
p)    To raise loan and credit to fulfill the objectives from national and international financial institution, subjects to observation of statutory rules and executive instructions;
q)    To obtain  fund from different government departments for fulfillment of the aforesaid objectives;
r)    To undertake activities for the overall development of the  Limbu community throughout West Bengal ;
s)    To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things connected there to and therewith as may be necessary or deemed to be necessary as well as incidental a conducive to the for going objects.